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I bought my current Jeep (a '93 Sport) after selling the Hedgehog. This Jeep is built for serious trail riding, with a spec/mod sheet that covers just about everything.

The photos section has a few recently taken pic's. I'll be taking more when I get a chance to hit the trail, and I'll be doing write-ups with photos of some of the cooler mod's that have really improved performance both on and off-road.

My first Jeep and first 4WD vehicle, the Hedgehog was an ongoing project for over five went from bone stock with whitewall radials to a formidable rock-crawler that saw a lot of action on the trails around Moab until I sold it in October of '99.

There are some good pictures in the photos section showing the Hedgehog's amazing flex. (More photos of the Hog in action can be found in the Trails section).

What's New:

09/01/01 Trail Photo's, Video & Writeup:
Barrett Lake

08/25/01 Trail Photo's & Writeup:
Bassi Falls

08/25/01 Trail Photo's, Video & Writeup:
NAXJA Rubicon 2001 Run

07/26/01 Install Photo's:
Challenger Performance Diff. Guard

07/25/01 Install Photo's:
Warn XD900i Winch

07/18/01 Photo's:
New Hanson Bumper Installed

09/15/00 Trail Photo's:
Fordyce Creek in the Rain

07/30/00 Photo's:
Big Shiny near Lake Tahoe

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