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Wayne builds bumpers, and damn good ones. He may also eventually have an exo-cage for the XJ. His site is very rarely updated, and he doesn't answer email, so you are better off calling. Patience is a virtue:)
Hanson Enterprise
1054-H Terven
Salainas, CA 93901
Phone: (831) 757-9779

Custom 4X4 builds very high quality products for XJ's including bumpers, rocker protection, and tow hooh kits. I have their rear bumper / tire carrier / Hi-Lift mount and can vouch for the quality fabrication and sheer beefiness of this particular product.
Custom 4X4 Fabrication
11825 S.E. 109th
Oklahoma City, OK 73165
Phone: (800)-951-C4x4
Fax: (405)-790-0395

Tomken has an extensive selection of products for the Cherokee, including lift kits, bumpers, skid plates, tow bars, tow hook kits, and lots of odds and ends. If you can't find it elsewhere, they may have what you're looking for.
752 U.S. Hwy. 24 North
Buena Vista, CO 81211

Terraflex is known for their lift kits and lift products. Hot items are their control arms, shackles, and a soon-to-be-released rear coil kit for the Cherokee.
Tera Manufacturing, Inc.
8385 S. Allen St., #115
Sandy, UT 84070
Phone: (801)-256-9897

Rubicon Express is one of my favorite outlets for XJ lift parts. They make great lift kits, along with a comprehensive line of misc. parts like stainless brake lines and suspension parts. My only complaint has been with their sway bar disco's...YMMV.
Rubicon Express
3315 Monier Circle
Rancho Cordova, CA 95742
Phone: (916) 858-8575
Fax: (916) 858-1963

A relative newcomer to the XJ aftermarket parts scene, Rusty is busy expanding his line to include everything from lift kits to steering components. His skid plates are the best thing going right now, but be patient when you place an order, and be prepared to drill new holes and modify his stuff to get it to fit properly, because it rarely does out of the box.
Rusty's Offroad
213 Oak St. 
Trussville, AL 35173

Glenn Wakefield's shop has a few parts for Cherokees, and he has a lot of hard-core off-road experience. He's also a great person to ask about trails around Moab if you're headed down there and want some new challenges.

JKS makes some of the finest sway bar quick-disconnects these days, and have plans to introduce a very trick over-the-knuckle steering setup for the XJ. Great customer service too!
JKS Manufacturing, Inc.
P.O. Box 98
Alliance, NE 69301-0098
Phone: 308-762-6949

Custom bumpers is what this place is all about. If you're looking for something very trick, Stout would be a good place to start. Not cheap, but you get what you pay for.
Stout Equipment
7410 Montgomery #200
Albuquerque, NM 87109
Phone: 1-800-279-3113

The creme de la creme of online XJ resources...The North American XJ Association has a great site with helpful forums. If you have a question, post it here and somebody is bound to have an answer for you.

Cherokee America has a broad variety of information about Cherokee mod's and parts. The site has been infrequently updated in the past but the current staff seems to be trying to add new content every couple of weeks. Check it out.

The XJ-List is a small but very knowledegeable and friendly group of XJ owners who discuss their Cherokees. Available in real-time or digest modes, this list is a great resource for anyone who wants to learn more about their Cherokee.

Moab Trails Guide
The trail guide is s good primer with maps and trail descriptions. If you're planning on a visit to the mecca of rock-crawlin', check it out. Also a great section covering Easter Jeep Safari with pictures and video.

Dirt Road has a Cherokee pic's section, lots of features, and one of the best online classified sections I've seen.

This is an online "magazine" that covers the hard-core 4-wheel scene. Good features, along with a great reade's rides section.

Gilbert's XJ page from France. This guy has a nice site with a lot of links to other XJ pages. Well designed with great graphics and a lot of info for the European Jeeper.

A cool gallery of XJ's devoted to law enforcement. If you get busted by the Illinois State Police, at least you may have something to talk about as they drive you down to the station house!

Jeepin' has some good features about product installs and a large section of XJ pictures. One of the better non-commercial sites out there dedicated to XJ's.

John's Jeep page is the web home of John Meister, a guy who knows a heck of a lot about Jeeps, from Cherokees to Wagoneers (his latest project is a J-10). A good source of info if you're stumped, John can also be found on the XJ-List.

Ok, it's not an XJ site, but this is one of my favorite sites to surf. Collins Bros. is a Texas Jeep shop that restores and sells Scramblers. If you like the Scrambler as much as I do, check this site out. They also sell scrambler parts and resto. stuff.

4 Wheel of Moab built one of the meanest XJ's I've ever seen, and they have a good write-up on their site about it. They guy who owned it parked it down the street from where I lived (in Salt Lake) and I stopped plenty of times to check it out. Last I heard it got sold to a young kid in Northern Utah.

Bill's Jeep Cherokee tech site has a lot of great info for Cherokee owners, as well as a very comprehensive links page. Check out his custom rocker protection!

This is a new and growing site that has, among other things, a good links page of members who subscribe to the XJ-List.

Les Pages Cherokee is Fabien Chabanne's site and includes all kinds of Jeep info. The site is all in French but well worth a visit even if you don't parle Francais.

Ok, another site that's not XJ related, but by God this is one of the most entertaining places in cyberspace. I guess it is Jeep related though, because 4-wheelers are no strangers to the legion of the mullet. There may in fact be more mullets in the sport of 4-wheeling than in any other activity besides stock car racing or possibly professional bowling.

Anyway, this is not a site for those easily offended. You may be particularly offended if you happen to have a mullet :) I am in no way affiliated with mulletsgalore. Enjoy...

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