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MONSTER TRUCKS [ 7+ Inches of lift ]
Art Shan's Moonbuggy
Another shot of Art's Jeep
The 4 Wheel of Moab project Cherokee
Another shot of this well-built XJ
The Ultimate XJ project from Jeff Beach's shop
Shawn McLain's Tonka with 35's and lots of lift
Bart Jacobs' highly modified '87 with 35's and lots of lift
Jjbmxer's well-built rig with 33's at Hollister Check out the flex thanks to a Terra rear coil conversion Mark Michelsen's nice Cherokee "Chief" with 7+" of lift and big tires   The BIG Offroad Cherokee: 10" of lift, 35" tires   No idea who this belongs to, but I think I could park my XJ underneath it--those have got to be at least 40's    Mike's '89 with a 6" Trailmaster lift and 31's John's well-built XJ--35" SSR's on 6.5" of lift. 15x10 MRT beadlock wheels. Nice rig! John's Jeep flexed up Steven's '84 with about 7" of lift and 33x12.50's Too cool, Steven has shoehorned a Chevy 350 with a turbo 350 tranny into this vintage XJ Dan Wheeler's '93 Country with 6" of lift and 33x10.50 TSL radials--XJ in back has 5.5" and 32x9.50 TSL's HOLY EXOSKELETON Batman! I think this guy has enough extra gas on the roof to go to Panama and back without stopping! Brian Smith from Amarillo TX sent this one in--he's running 36" TSL's on 7" of lift and obviously some good fender ytimming Another shot of Brian's rig flexed up
BUILT DAILY DRIVERS [ 3 - 6 Inches of lift ]
Michael Albrechts' '97 with 6" Tomken lift and 33x9.50's
Another shot of Michael's XJ twisted up
Wheelin' at night in the snow
Ken Harrison's XJ with 33x12.50's and 7" of lift on the Rockpile Another shot of Ken in Pritchett Canyon Nate Schoenemann's '94--4" of lift and 32's Rob Meloche's XJ airborne--6+ " and 33x10.50 Radial TSL's
Another shot of Rob Meloche's XJ
Jeff's '92 Sport--3.5""of lift and 31's?   Michael Malmstein's '97 with 3" ProComp lift and 32's   Mike's Classic with 4.5" lift and 31's or 32's on nice Stockton wheels   Diego Ruiz's '87 in Peru, getting some air! Who's that fat dude in the orange shirt?? Diego blasting through a mud hole--his XJ is locked front and rear with ARB's, a Dana 44 in back, and a snorkel That muddy river crossing looks pretty deep and pretty swift! More air in the dunes Diego and his club on Marginal (something like the main jungle road) somewhere in Peru Tim Lencsak's '96 Sport with 3.5" of lift and 31x11.50's--nice looking Jeep! Nelson Rincon's nice looking, mostly stock XJ in front of the Sydney Opera House A '96 with 3.5" of RE lift on 31" Goodyear Wranglers
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