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Moab Utah (October '02)

Moab in October: almost 50 XJ's from stock to heavily modified "junk", near perfect weather--ahhhh, does it get any better? This years' event was the most fun I've ever had in Moab, probably the most fun I've ever had 'wheeling, period. Over the course of a week there were more than a dozen officially scheduled trail runs, as well as many more impromptu trips to Proving Grounds and Helldorado at night for those who just couldn't get enough time behind the wheel during the daylight hours. Amy and I ran 5 trails with one day in camp (after Behind the Rocks) to repair a leaking rear diff. and a busted rear shock mount.

Below are links to pictures and stories of a week of incredible scenery, challenging trails, twisted metal, and above all a great bunch of Cherokee enthusiasts from the far corners of the globe...well, at least in Hagen's case! No details have been spared to protect the innocent, scared, or stupid. Big thanks to Dan Riggs for keeping it organized and Mil, Mark, Jeff, Sean P., and the rest of the trail leaders for their usual superb guiding and spotting through some trick spots! We hope you enjoy the pictures, and we hope to see you next year to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the XJ...

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